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Spain’s FOND-ICO pumps another 194 million euros into the local VC industry By Tech.eu

The Spanish government may not be a big fan of local startup entrepreneurs building businesses and act like they should be punished for it, but at least the money hasn’t – yet – stopped flowing.

Spain just got a new 194 million euros injection into its venture capital industry through FOND-ICO, the national ‘fund of funds’.

Axis, the management company behind it, announced the investment of those 194 million euros into nine private VC funds, out of 23 candidates spread across four categories:

  • Debt funds
    • N+1 (Alteralia Management S.à.r.l)
    • Trea Capital (BTC Investments 2012 S.à.r.l)

The total committed investment for this round is 669 million euros, which brings the total committed investment since late 2013, up to 1.9 billion euros in less than a year.

The previous investment came only seven months ago, and hasn’t been deployed yet. We reached out to several of the funds and they confirmed us that the new funds will start operating in 2015.

According to Venture Watch Research (see disclosure below), there’s been an increase of 16% in VC investment since 2013, and a whopping 75% since 2012. If we count the most recent deals by Wallapop (5 million euros) and RedBooth (8.8 million euros) this month, the difference rises to 17% since 2013, and this is without counting the FOND-ICO investments.

This recent investments is great news for the Spanish venture capital ecosystem as nearly all the renowned funds in the country have got a piece of the FOND-ICO pie: Adara Ventures (Dec. 2013), Axon Capital (May 2014), Caixa Capital Risc (May 2014), Seaya Ventures (May 2014) and now Inveready(Nov. 2014) and Cabiedes & Partners (Nov. 2014).

As most of the funds haven’t been deployed yet, we expect to see a major uptake in deals and total investment during the next few years, starting in early 2015.

Also interesting to note that investments from international VCs in Spanish startups have just reached its highest level ever.

All this is great news for Spain, despite the continuous undermining of the startup ecosystem by the Spanish government in recent times.

fuente : Tech.eu

Global Entrepreneurship Week. 17 al 22 de Noviembre.Semana Global del Emprendimiento.UCA.

¿Qué es la Semana Global del Emprendimiento?

La iniciativa de la Global Entrepreneurship Week nace de la expansión de dos iniciativas de gran éxito: la Enterprise Week del Reino Unido, impulsada en 2004, y la Entrepreneurship Week de EE.UU. inspirada en la anterior y que se celebra desde 2007. Las entidades fundadoras de la GEW -las fundaciones Make Your Mark y Kaufmann- se propusieron que desde el 2008 la iniciativa adquiriera un carácter global ¡y así ha sido!. El proyecto está respaldado por gobiernos y emprendedores de todo el mundo que se han unido a la iniciativa para fomentar los valores de la cultura emprendedora.

La Global Entrepreneurship Week tiene como objetivo inspirar a los jóvenes a convertir sus ideas en realidad y ayudar a los emprendedores a hacer crecer sus empresas buscando y generando mejores prácticas de negocio. Para ello se organizan un gran número de actividades en todo el mundo y como no, Cádiz no podía quedarse atrás. ¡Te esperamos en la semana del 17 al 21 de noviembre!

Semana Global

Fuente: Cátedra de Emprendedores . Universidad de Cádiz. (UCA)


Programa en Pdf.

Haz clic para acceder a 689783506_6112014114756.pdf

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Startups.» Born Global or Die Local».Great!!! By @sblank

Steve Blank

Entrepreneurship is everywhere, but everywhere isn’t a level playing field. What’s the playbook for your region or country to make it so?



Scalable startups are on a trajectory for a billion dollar market cap. They grow into companies that define an industry and create jobs.  Not all start ups want to go in that direction – some will opt instead to become a small business. There’s nothing wrong with a business that supports you and perhaps an extended family. But if you want to build a scalable startup you need to be asking how you can you get enough customers/users/payers to build a business that can grow revenues past several $100M/year.

With 317 million people the U.S. has a large enough market that most U.S. startups ignore the rest of the world until they scale in their own country. Outside the U.S. a rough rule of thumb for scale is…

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CartoDB $8m funding round: the inside story – 1st Part

CartoDB, Interactive Mapping Start-Up, Raises $8 Million.Story by Oriol Juncosa.

Growth & Tech

  • Yesterday CartoDB, a leader in geospatial cloud software based in Madrid and in New York, raised a Series A round of $8m, one of the largest Series A rounds ever completed in Southern Europe, from a mix of local and international investors: Earlybird (the lead) and Kibo + Vitamina K (the locals that first spotted the opportunity).


  • This exceptional result is an evidence of the high quality company that Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez Leiva, CartoDB co-founders, have built for the last five years, surrounded by an A+ team of professionals, like Miguel Arias, Andrew Hill and Javier Santana, amongst others.
  • I have the pleasure and the privilege of advising the company on the fund raising and rolling up my sleeves beyond the round across finance, strategy and operations matters.
  • What follows is the Advisor View of the fund raising (with permission from those involved) intended to provide some…

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Barcelona.Startupbootcamp Internet of Things.Applications Close 20Nov14


Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data is the leading global startup accelerator with a focus on Internet of Things & Smart Data delivering unparalleled support, mentorship, and connections to world class startups building disruptive solutions with connected devices and the immense associated data these machines create.

The program includes incredible access to leading global IoT and data innovation firm Claro Partners, over 100 mentors from awesome companies like Intel, Yahoo, Cisco, Telefonica, Facebook or Oracle, and a chance to pitch on stage at the connected world’s premier event 4YFN a featured program of the Mobile World Congress 2015.

In the area of Internet of Things we like both consumer and business-facing services leveraging the IoT as well as the platforms that are enabling those services. In the area of Data, we are looking for solutions that leverage data to create smarter, customized services, both for consumers and for business and the platforms that enable the creation and running of those services.

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data is offering:
Extensive mentorship from +100 global entrepreneurs, investors, experts and partners
Access to top markets in Europe, US and Asia
3+3 months free office space in the upcoming IoT & startup hub Barcelona
€15K in cash per team
€450K+ worth in partner services
Exposure to 200+ Angels & VCs
Invitation to SBC Global Alumni Network and Alumni Growth ProgramPre-Demo Day at 4YFN event featured by the Mobile World Congress 2015

In return we ask for 8% equity. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see.


Aug 18 -Applications open.

Nov 20 Applications close.

Dec 18 – 19 Selection Days.

Jan 7 Program begins.

Apr 9 Demo Day.

Accelerator Program Benefits
Seed funding and other perks

Every team receives €15,000 in cash as a seed funding, €450,000+ in partner services, and 3+3 months of free office space in the most emblematic building of the 22@ tech neighbourhood of Barcelona, the Media-TIC building.

Massive growth support for IoT & Data startups

The 3 month Startupbootcamp IoT & Data accelerator guides a company through the Shape, Build, and Sell stages of development, through hands-on sessions with 100+ mentors, masterclasses on topics ranging from lean to legals, and focused partner days such as sales, media and investment. Moreover Claro Partners will provide the teams with tools for the creation, development and assessment of IoT and data solutions, like the IoT landscape, the IoT canvas and the Personal data opportunity framework, to just name a few.

Demo-Day and Pre-Demo Day

After 3 months of acceleration the 10 teams are invited to present their companies to 400+ investors, mentors, and partners during Demo Day but before some of the teams will have the chance to present at 4YFN event at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Pitch preparation includes hands-on guidance from pitch coaches and investors, and leads into 3 months of fundraising support.

Fundraising support

After the Demo Day teams can choose to stay another 3 months in our co-working space in Barcelona for active fundraising support. The leadership team has raised €80 million in prior ventures. Added to that is commitment of a network of high-quality investors to help our startups source and negotiate the best possible deals to finance their growth.

Expert leadership

The program is led by Angel Garcia, Aldo de Jong and Marcos Cuevas and their team, combining their hands-on experience and expertise on the Internet of Things and Smart Data, building and successfully exiting companies, investing in startups and fundraising.

Become part of a world-leading center of excellence for IoT

Thanks to the partnership with Claro Partners, leading global innovation firm and recognized thought leader about Internet of Things and Personal Data plus the mentors from companies such as Intel, Yahoo, Cisco, Telefonica, Facebook and Oracle among others means we can fulfill our mission enable us to bring together the best startups, corporate partners, investors, thinkers and do-ers in IoT and data.

Global support network

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data startups are actively supported long after their initial acceleration through the Alumni Growth Program, which includes a global network of 1,000+ mentors, 2,000+ investors, 166+ startups in 37 countries, and exposure to startup hubs like Singapore, New York, London and San Francisco.

Find out why Startupbootcamp is one of Europe’s leading accelerators. Startupbootcamp was chosen as the Best Accelerator by the Europas in 2014.

by Startupbootcamp more information:


The Jury Is Out On Legal Startups

The future of legal services?: Legal Startups. By Christine Magee-TechCrunch.

Driving Corporate Innovation: Design Thinking vs. Customer Development

Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything by Steve Blank.

Steve Blank

Startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but interestingly we see that companies are not larger versions of startups.

I’ve been spending some time with large companies that are interested in using Lean methods. One of the conundrums is why does innovation take so long to happen in corporations? Previously Hank Chesbrough and I have written about some of the strategic issues that impede innovation inside large corporations here and here.

Two methods, Design Thinking and Customer Development (the core of the Lean Startup) provide the tactical day-to-day process of how to turn ideas into products.

Design Thinking HBR page                                   Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything page

While they both emphasize getting out of the building and taking to customers, they’re not the same. Here’s why.


Urgency Drives Innovation Speed
Startups operate quickly – at a speed driven by the urgency of a…

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Emprender. Para Visionarios. Yo si lo veo. Campaña de Smart by Mercedes Benz Spain

Video.Xavier Verdaguer, “Senderos hacia el futuro. La oportunidad de emprender” by #foroe

Video que merece la pena ver de Foro Nueva Economía Nueva del pasado 13 de marzo.
«Xavier Verdaguer, emprendedor en serie, fue uno de los ponentes invitados en la Jornada “Cómo emprender y desarrollar el talento emprendedor” .

Enlace de vídeos y presentaciones de la Jornada Cómo emprender y desarrollar el talento emprendedor:


Visualizar también el video de José Antonio Marina y podéis descargaros la ponencia de Mario López de Ávila, experto en Lean Startup de su página http://nodos.typepad.com/nodos_prime/2014/03/la-pr%C3%A1ctica-de-emprender-conferencia.html.

Tres grandes personas y expertos de los que aprender.

Fuente:Foro Nueva Economía Nueva Empresa.Fundación FYDE-CajaCanarias

Startup. Strategyzer.Business Model Canvas.Serie de videos «De la idea al negocio» by Fundación Kauffman

La serie de videos «De la idea al negocio» enseña a empresarios cómo diseñar modelos de negocio que ayuden a que sus ideas tengan una mayor oportunidad de negocio.

La Fundación Kauffman, en colaboración con los fundadores de Strategyzer , con los creadores del exitoso libro Modelo de Negocio de Generación y los inventores de la metodología Business Model Canvas han desarrolado esta serie animada en videos de corta duración, para impulsar a los ejecutivos y a los empresarios en las posibilidades de éxito en su búsqueda de un modelo de negocio escalable y rentable.

La serie de 6 videos cubre temas tales como:
1• Getting from business idea to business model
2• Visualizing your business model
3• Prototyping
4 • Navigating your environment
5 • Proving it
6• Telling your story / Pitching your business.

Espero que sea de ayuda a todos aquellos empresarios en búsqueda de su modelo de negocio rentable y escalable.

Podeis encontrar esta serie y más información en el siguiente enlace:


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