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Samsung presentará la tecnología 5G en el 2020

Samsung Electronics announced Sunday that it has developed technology that allows data transmission on fifth-generation (5G) networks for the first time in the world.

The world’s largest electronics maker by revenue said that its new wireless technology successfully sent and received data at a two-kilometer distance at a download speed of 1 gigabyte per second at 28 gigahertz wavelength, by which users can download an entire movie in less than a second.

The company plans to commercialize the 5G networks by 2020 and expects its most recent achievement to speed up an international standardization for the next-generation wireless system.

It also emphasized that this is the world’s first successful data transmission at super high frequency. Super high frequency refers to a waveband of over 6 gigahertz which allows heavier transfers compared to lower frequencies.

Samsung said it is most likely that 5G networks will likely use super high frequencies due to the current shortages coupled with the need to achieve faster transmissions.

3G networks are currently the most widely used systems globally, with an ongoing migration towards 4G, or long-term evolution (LTE) networks. LTE network boasts a download speed of 100 megabyte per second, and there are currently over 20 million LTE users in Korea.

Samsung’s early announcement of its 5G technology is seen as an attempt to cement its reputation as a forceful network equipment maker. The technology giant is currently competing with Swedish company Ericsson and Cisco of the U.S. in network equipment business.

The global competition to commercialize 5G networks is intensifying following China’s formation of the IMT-2020 Promotion Group, charged with the task of facilitating the development of the new network. The European Union has also announced that it will invest the equivalent of 72 billion won this year on the wireless system.

Ericsson and NTT Docomo of Japan and China’s Huawei have all previously revealed test results for 5G development.

The International Telecommunication Union held a conference in January to discuss what bandwidth to standardize for the next-generation network.

Fuente:Korea Times

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