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Toronto.Startup Weekend EDU. Learning Loops wins

Learning Loops wins first Canadian Startup Weekend EDU.



LearningLoop – learningloop.co: We’re passionate about provide solutions for early childhood education, a critical but often overlooked stage in a child’s development. This is Learning Loop: an online platform that allows educators and parents to share information about their child in a simple and meaningful way. Track observations, get insights, celebrate achievements and help education’s youngest members thrive.

“As a parent, I feel that the communication between parents and educators really needs to change. Coming into Startup Weekend, I hustled hard to get the right people on our team and it worked! Everyone on the team all had their hearts in the right places to improve education and I now feel like I’ve know them for years. This is going to change the lives of the members on our team and the lives of children,“ says Alison Gibbins,, Founder of LearningLoop. “A part of our prize is to head to Google’s accelerator program in Silicon Valley! I’m super elated, but also nervous because this is the real deal.” – Alison Gibbins, LearningLoop

LearningLoop will receive prizing valued at over $20,000 including: an innovation assessment grant, legal services and IP consultation, PR and events consultation, advisory support from MaRS Education Innovation advisors and more.


Smarty Pants – mysmartypants.co: SmartyPants aims to create learning experiences for children everyday by turning any game into a learning experience. The app locks specific gaming apps that can only be unlocked by answering skill-testing questions. Turn gaming time into learning time with SmartyPants.


Fieldr – fieldr.co: Find Fun Field Trips Fast. Quickly discover unique, local, affordable field trip experiences that are matched to achieve your specific curriculum requirements.

And here’s what they won

A huge congrats, not just to the winning teams but to every single person that participated! You all accomplished so much this weekend and you should be very proud

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